Friday, February 4, 2011

Busy Weekend!

What a crazy busy weekend ahead!!!

I had so many things I got done today for the Valentine Ball, but I have lots to do tomorrow!!! The Ball is at 7 tomorrow night, and we have to go to rehearsal and set-up at 10 in the morning. Then I have to come home, tan, shower, iron Dude's pants and try to figure out what to do with my hair!!! I am so nervous, I don't like for people to look at me, so why did I buy a tight mini-dress and 6 inch Jessica Simpson heals?!?!?! Dude tried on his clothes tonight, I will have a very HANDSOME date!!!

I got my nails done yesterday, I am thinking I am going to keep them on for awhile. I haven't really worn nails since I was pregnant with Mack so time for Mamma to feel good!!! Plus, I have to have them for tomorrow and for VEGAS!!!! I got pink tip nails, I have never really gone totally crazy with nails other than like the neon colors so I kind of like them.

I ordered a few shirts on Body Central, they were on sale and one of them I have been wanting for a while and I am such a sucker for sales!!!

I wrote out 60 invitations for the Open House next week, I truly hope that it turns out to be good for all of us! So far we have 9 yes and 15 maybe, I am not sure haw many Rachael, Rachel and Leslie have hopefully more!!! I got my Thirty-One bag ordered for Vegas, I hope it gets here in time. I am faithfully working my business everyday on the 3, now to get the 2 and 1. Working the 3 is the only way to get the 2 and 1 though. I love my Thirty-One business and I pray everyday that God helps me to continue in an upward progression with it, I have meet and re-aquainted with some good friends and I want to meet more and share more.

Stet and I are going to be baptisted Sunday. I am very proud of him and his faith and commitment to God. He is such a great kid and I hope and pray he stays that way into adulthood. I know I have to work on going to church more and studying the Bible more and really getting the kids involved in church. It is my resolution to work on all of that!!!

Great Tomorrow to All!!!

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