Friday, February 4, 2011

Busy Weekend!

What a crazy busy weekend ahead!!!

I had so many things I got done today for the Valentine Ball, but I have lots to do tomorrow!!! The Ball is at 7 tomorrow night, and we have to go to rehearsal and set-up at 10 in the morning. Then I have to come home, tan, shower, iron Dude's pants and try to figure out what to do with my hair!!! I am so nervous, I don't like for people to look at me, so why did I buy a tight mini-dress and 6 inch Jessica Simpson heals?!?!?! Dude tried on his clothes tonight, I will have a very HANDSOME date!!!

I got my nails done yesterday, I am thinking I am going to keep them on for awhile. I haven't really worn nails since I was pregnant with Mack so time for Mamma to feel good!!! Plus, I have to have them for tomorrow and for VEGAS!!!! I got pink tip nails, I have never really gone totally crazy with nails other than like the neon colors so I kind of like them.

I ordered a few shirts on Body Central, they were on sale and one of them I have been wanting for a while and I am such a sucker for sales!!!

I wrote out 60 invitations for the Open House next week, I truly hope that it turns out to be good for all of us! So far we have 9 yes and 15 maybe, I am not sure haw many Rachael, Rachel and Leslie have hopefully more!!! I got my Thirty-One bag ordered for Vegas, I hope it gets here in time. I am faithfully working my business everyday on the 3, now to get the 2 and 1. Working the 3 is the only way to get the 2 and 1 though. I love my Thirty-One business and I pray everyday that God helps me to continue in an upward progression with it, I have meet and re-aquainted with some good friends and I want to meet more and share more.

Stet and I are going to be baptisted Sunday. I am very proud of him and his faith and commitment to God. He is such a great kid and I hope and pray he stays that way into adulthood. I know I have to work on going to church more and studying the Bible more and really getting the kids involved in church. It is my resolution to work on all of that!!!

Great Tomorrow to All!!!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

February is here!!!

We have 20 more days then it is VEGAS here we come!!! I am so excited, I need the vacation. I love my kids but sometimes even Mommies need a break. We are going to see the Peepshow and Mystere`. We are going to explore Planet Hollywood and just have fun and relax!

I hope Vegas is warmer than it is here. It was 7 degrees today with a negative windchill factor and tomorrow won't be any better. Miss Paula called and they cancelled school for Mack tomorrow...YAY!!! That means that we don't have to get out in this mess. Ace is loving this weather because he gets to stay in the house. He only had to go outside one time today because he peed all over Wylie's bean bag chair.

I am praying that Thrity-One is going to do good this month! The Hostess Special is 70% off the awesome Cindy Tote and the Customer Special is 31% off any item for every $31.00 the customer spends. I am getting bookings for March and I am crossing my fingers that I will get at least 3-4 for February! I have already got orders but bookings would be great. I am setting a goal for myself to try to get $1000.00 in orders every month. I hope ou Open House is successful for all of us!!!

Me and Weight Watchers are doing pretty good I think!! I have lost exactly 4 pounds in 4 weeks. I am hoping to be down 4 more pounds before we go to Vegas. I am happy at 124 but would love to be 115-110. I am sure I could get there faster if I would work-out but I don't have time and when I do I have time I don't feel like it.

Signing off for the night!!! Sleep well and stay warm!!! God bless us all!!!

Monday, January 31, 2011

It has been a long time since I have been on here!!! Lots has happened!!!

Stet is now a Junior in High School and has his license, it is a love, hate kind of thing. I hate that he is old enough to have his license but it is nice that he can drive himself where ever he wants to go and I can send him to get stuff from the store for me!!! He is in One Act Play right now and Golf, so him getting a job is not happening until May...ugh!!! He wants to get a job at a resturant in Dumas and be a waiter, I think that is a good idea, give him some experience for getting a job when he goes to college.

Mack is in her 2nd year of PreSchool at Sonshine Place. She loves it!!! I cannot believe that next year she will be in Kindergarten :( My baby girl is growing up so fast. She wants her and Wylie to have seperate birthday parties this year. She wants to have a Princess Tea Party at Itsy Bitsy Bling and she does not want boys there!!! She cracks me up!!!

Wylie does NOT want to potty train. We took him to Wal-Mart and let him pick out his own potty and big boy underwear and he wants nothing to do with them. I am starting to think that I may have to hold him back a year. I know boys develope slower than girls, but it is hard that he is not potty trained or talking just really well yet. I don't know we will have to see what happens between now and this summer. I was wanting to put him in PreSchool but I don't know if he will be ready.

I started selling Thirty-One Gifts in September and I love it!!! I thank God for this blessing in my life. It has brought me close to friends I haven't seen in a while and closer to some I have been around but never developed a close relationship with, and it has brought new people into my life. I have been pretty successful at it and I pray that it will all get better and that this is my career path especially while I am home with the kids and hopefully even after they start to school.

We bought a bigger house last August and it is so nice. I really never understood why people bought big houses, after having 3 kids I see why now!!! But now we are the ones everyone calls rich, because Dude works at Valero and we have a nice house...ugh!!! I wish we were as rich as everyone thinks we!!! If we could get our other house sold that would be AWESOME!!! But we are renting it for now, hopefully they will be able to buy it soon!!!

Lots going on here in t next few weeks. I am going to try to start blogging everyday even if it is silly stuff!!!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Doctor's Visit

Mack and Wy had a doctor's appointment this past week and when the doctor took Wy's diaper off and was checking him Mack said, "What is that?"
The doctor said,"That's his penis, he's a boy he has to have it."
Mack said,"Well, take it off I don't like it!"
I don't know why she noticed it at the doctor's office because she helps me change his diaper and they take baths together. It was just really funny and I had to share it with you all!

Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Christmas in Oak Grove

Lola is small or Wylie is big because they are exactly 9 months apart in age but they are almost exactly the same size!

Stet and Dalton were rock stars all weekend, they even had a couple of girls come check them out!

Alexus is getting so big! She's 4 years old now!

This is trouble!!! Mack and Nala are only 3 days apart in age, if Nala hadn't been sick we would have had our hands full!

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

It's been awhile seen I last posted. My camera and computer were not wanting to work together so I didn't have any pictures to post. But they finally decided to get along so I can post again!!!

We had a great Christmas! The kids loved everything that they got. Stet was wanting an iPod touch and I had him convienced he wasn't getting it. It was the last present that I gave him to open , he was very shocked and really happy!!! Mack got a dollhouse from Santa and I don't think she has ever played with any other toy the way she does with this. She didn't want to open her presents she just wanted to play with the dollhouse. Wylie likes his toys I guess, he just wants to play with anything that Mack is playing with!!! The fighting has finally started!
Stet got Mack & Wy Texas Tech jerseys for Christmas! He says I need to let him have Wylie because I've already ruined Mack. He thinks we need another Tech fan in the house!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Go OU!!!

Look at my little Sooners!!!!
Stet says that I need to give him Wylie because Mack already runs around
saying Oklahoma Sooners. I told him Wylie can be a person divided,
he can wear Tech and OU stuff!!! I think he should just be an OU fan, I don't
know what happened to Stet, I went wrong somewhere!